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Betting Predictions

Betting predictions

Betting predictions with the number of matches available and the number of leagues worldwide, deciding on which games to put your bet on, can be rather overwhelming and complicated. Taking into consideration your favorite teams, your local teams, the odds for every game and all the statistics and information available, it can be very difficult to know what matches to bet on, and which matches to avoid.

PargoBet can help you start figuring out on which teams to bet on by sharing some prediction in order to take some of the guesswork. Predictions can be a great way to get a feel for the direction a game may go. We, at PargoBet, offer three main types of betting predictions which are very popular with other betting sites as well.

We offer “Both Teams to Score” predictions. This is often abbreviated as BTTS. The predictions of BTTS is either yes or no, and is regarding the result of the match. We say one of the answers, Yes for both teams to score a goal during the match, od No for the opposite, and along the answer we predict, we say is the percent likely that we think it is to happen. This is a very simple and straightforward type of bet which is ideal for those that do not want to track statistics or for those that are just getting into the football betting world.

PargoBet also offers under/over predictions for total goals scored over 2.5. This means that we offer a prediction of how likely it is that the game will end with more (or less) than 2.5 goals. Clearly, no game can end with a total goal score of 2.5. Therefore, this alternative does not allow for a push and is a very common option in soccer betting.  To put it more simply, our prediction of over/under together with the prediction percentage is our opinion on whether 3 or more goals would be scored during the match. This is also very simple type of bet, but with this types of bets it is recommended to take in consideration data, information and statistics and thus this is ideal for intermediate or advanced bettors.

The third type of prediction and the last one we offer is on 1×2 odds. 1×2 bets intend to reflect the genuine odds of every possible game results. One means that the home team wins, two means the away team wins, and X means that the game is a draw. We make prediction on only one single mark with the highest percentage that predicts the strongest result. If we predict two marks, the first mark is the most likely but the second mark also has an extremely strong odds, and because the numbers are so close, we do not feel comfortable making a prediction only on one mark. These types of predictions and bets are for advanced bettors who know the statistics, data and information about the teams they are planning to place a bet on.

We, at PargoBet, clearly cannot guarantee results according to our predictions. We make our betting predictions based on statistics, data and information and at the same time we offer these statistics to provide you with the greatest amount of knowledge possible. We offer these prediction in good faith that bettors will take into consideration all possible outcomes of the matches and bear in mind that nothing is for sure in sports betting or in any other gambling games.

We are here to make sports betting, fast and easy by providing relevant information and predictions for you at any time.